One of our major goals is to ensure the quality of our products and, particularly, the safety that our clients deserve. Best Fresh Fruits has implemented modern production and quality methods that guarantee that our products meet the strictest sanitation standards.

  1. To direct its steps to the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its customers and ultimate consumers, guaranteeing economically competitive and of consistent quality, harmless products and services that allow us to keep and increase our rentability and participation in the international market.
  2. To promote the quality improvement of the labor and personal life of each member of the human team that forms the company, maintaining safe work environments, with the protection and training of its collaborators in order to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
  1. To strictly fulfill with the rules, laws and regulations which voluntarily adhere to the quality fields of the product, environment, security and occupational health.
  2. To minimize and/or to eliminate the environmental impact – negative, significant – generated for our operations, incorporating technologies, equipments and processes according to the environment, personal security and the current legislation.
  3. To implement and to improve the methods of rational usage of the resources in order to maximize their efficiency, minimizing the waste generation.